Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grenades & Mines

When red roses turn to bloody blades
In our garden where a war is waged
And you feel that you just can’t complain
You’d like to die

Can you take out all the bullets inside
When I bleed in the foxhole I hide
Shaking while pain overides my pride
The die is cast…I can’t deny

Don’t take my life … but I‘m ready to die
For this flag I fly
Throw..throw down your guns
When all ammo is gone
It’s just you and I

Do you know where the barbed wires end?
Or when these shrapnel wounds would begin to mend?
When the enemy surrounds your gate…
You suffocate

You jump and crawl from all the grenades and mines
Eat meager honesty like a rich man dines
But when the swords slashes you up from inside
You begin to fade…

Don’t take my life … but I‘m ready to die
For this flag I fly
Throw..throw down your guns
When all ammo is gone
It’s just you and I

Did you burn your hands holding shells
Firing back at the enemy’s fence
When your back feels the bayonet’s end
You begin to sigh…but hope won’t die

Don’t take my life … but I‘m ready to die
For this flag I fly
Throw..throw down your guns
When all ammo is gone
It’s just you and I

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gazing Haze

Its five o'clock in the morning and still couldn't sleep
the lights are banging the window
my mind a massacre of sheep

day's memories like residual ghosts repeat
closed eyes can't exorcise
a moments peace my request to them i plead

city silhouette yawns and stretches in a lazy haze
beyond my window lies a new day another step in a journey
another run in my mind's maze

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Isang munting saglit na silip

Sa labi ng bote ng beer

Sabay lulon sa pangalawang tingin

di alam kung ano ang ibig mong sabihin

Sabay dampot sa leeg ng santo

Hawak na kay lupit ng higpit

Sabay lingon papalayo

Itinatanggi ang pinapayo ng utak ko

Maingat na dampot ng pulutan

At dahandahan pagsawsaw

Sinasabay sa pag-iisip...dinadasal

Na di mo mahalata

Para kasaguta'y di mapilit

Isang hudyat...wagayway ng kamay sa waiter

Isang tikum at manipis na ngiti

Isang lingon di mapatingin

Di alam kung anong ibig sabihin

Saturday, September 19, 2009


You can’t tell me how you feel
But motions do reveal
I know there’s something more
My world with red days so surreal
Cannot help but deal
But without you I am lost

Fervently holding on to you
Imperfect but calling out to you
There’s no place...none other

I never ever can believe
The heavens can relieve
An angel for a goblin
But still, like life’s reasons can’t conceal
Like the heart can’t help but feel
Someone like you I found

Fervently holding on to you
Imperfect but calling out to you
There’s no place...none other

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ray Gun

Golden afternoon sun I could recall
Busy street down your porch I could see them all

The TV calls with my favorite channel on
Shadows from your window on your bed they dance upon

Can I stop the clock from ticking away
Hoping to have chains strong enough to pin down the day

To stay forever in your warm embrace
Under your spell…a wonderful daze

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shooting Star

Songs like time machines
Bring you back

Lightyears down your universe

Spinning down the wormholes

Whirling up vortices

Like a wind inside a letterbox

It scatters correspondences

Drenching sentences into blots

That collapse into a supermass of thought

Pulsing and gyrating

And exploding into nothingness

Like songs like time machines

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The lights blink fast when you know you’re losing control
Seatbelts like stoplights fade away
Like street maps and road flares
Hazy lights beckon you when you know you’ve lost control

Gray looks like a wonderful color when you know you’re losing control
Twilights never looked so brighter
Midnights never looked so youthful
When dreams tell you that you’re not in control

Rattlesnakes and scorpions smile when you know you’re losing control
Cold becomes colder
As the lights become brighter
Reason won't show when you know you’ve lost control

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Araw ng Dilaw

On August 21, 2009,Make Ninoy and Cory’s spirit of sacrifice live within you.

Sa Araw ng Dilaw,Wear something yellow.Light a yellow candleto remember Ninoy and Cory’s love for the Filipino.And if you’re on the road on that dayKeep the flame of Ninoy and Cory burning.Along with a thousand other cars, switch on your hazard lights from 6pm to 7pmand spread the country’s Yellow Spark far and wide.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Left in a glaring daze
Like a trickle of mercury rolling down my mind’s maze
Thoughts alighting in a speeding car
Wounds my melancholic heart
An image, a building, a vision from a distance
Sharpens the point of an unmerciful and dreadful lance
As tears they fall down and drown into the darkness
Like broken gifts offered to the laughing gods of hopelessness
As I call out to the thunder and the rain
To strike out this unbearable pain

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Pariah in a Leper's Eye

I am your monster
A big black spider crawling on your hand
A broken glass bottle sticking out in the sand
I am your fear
A body in your basement
A sinking ship...
...a panic look...a dying moment
I am your discomfort
A bad joke told on a rainy funeral day
A bad comment...an ill prepared play
I am your confusion
A vandalized street sign
A crooked path...a road to nowhere...a broken line
I am your nemesis
Your worse nightmare...like a dark shadow I loom
A herald of darkness..destroyer of hopes and dreams...
...an object of doom
I am he who you burn
A pariah from your principles
A leper of logic..unable to discern
I am you who you stone
I am inside you shackled in your mind
Hidden, ignored sitting all alone

Friday, July 3, 2009


Will you follow me till the lights grow dim
Where sand become shards, when walls to the touch become grim

Would you still keep a smile when earth shakes free
Where serpents abound slither and gnaw with glee

Will you dance with me to music flawed
Beneath the dying sun shining on a dead summer sprawled

Will you walk with me on a haze covered street
Keeping cadence and stance with nail bled feet

Would you care see what vision escapes the eye
In a world far away where satellites dare not fly

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

There was once a bunch of Greek mind-pickers, who in a collective intellectual bliss suddenly announced that emotions do nothing but corrupt one’s mind. And under this premise, they went more as to declare that the only way to one’s perfection is to "flay" one’s self of all emotional filth. And I say why not? I think we need a little bit of stoicism in our lives today. With emotional religious zealots blowing-up people like piƱatas and nuthouses filling to the brim with emotional wrecks I guess it’s about time. "All knowledge, they said, enters the mind through the imperfect senses (ergo error filled)". The mind is a blank slate, upon which sense- impressions are inscribed. It may have a certain activity of its own, but this activity is confined exclusively to materials supplied by the physical organs of sense." Hey and how true is that! Have you ever watched Nell? Jodie Foster growing up alone ending up with her own funny talk and all. The mind is a blank slate alright. Ever found yourself bobbing up and down like a pogo during a concert? Now take a blank wall and spray it up with words that describe what you feel and what do we have? A freakin’ case of__________ ……vandalism! That’s right. Once you step back when you’re done with the job you’ll be surprised to see what you’ve got cooking inside that little bone box of yours. They may be messages from your dead dog or steam from your latest emotional encounter but one thing is for sure…they’re all erroneous


Ever ran into a "Shtick"? Nope its not another creative term for the warm sticky stuff your dog leaves on your lawn but it amazingly comes close in describing the same stuff you may encounter in malls and other shopping holes. "Shtick" is what your advertising and creative peeps use to describe the extreme "on-ground" marketing strategies they execute in a bid to get a share of your fleeting 21st century attention span. Yep they’re the little green hooded midgets giving out fliers promoting Mother Santa’s X-mas Sale or the 7-footer passing around invites to the Giant Bargain Extravaganza happening next week. Check out the "Pop-marketing" spin on that one! It’s interesting to take note that these attention begging stunts are also being used by political and religious forces as well. Take for example good Ol' Osama. He went a notch up my book for being the best advertising strategist after 9-11. He succeeded in creating the largest political billboard of all time! Who could ever miss two burning skyscrapers? Not to mention the advert freebies he got from CNN, BBC and Fox. He spun a movement that would surely outlast him and most remarkably tapped into the most basic and universal of all human instincts: fear. The only problem with that is that a typical advertising campaign usually includes different levels within its lifespan like a launch mode, a maintenance mode and a re-launch to name a few. These levels of advertising bursts are designed to make sure that the message sticks to your head big-time. I guess that with the WTC launch and the Bali/Madrid/London maintenance over, it would be logical to expect a re-launch soon. So stick to CNN guys and watch out for the next big OBL Shtick.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Go Get a Brain

In 2070 it will be possible to download your brain into a flash card according to CNN. Apparently, scientists are currently working on a super computer that will be able to store your memory. Yup that’s right your memory good and bad the whole shitty shinola included! From prom night down to your adult diaper days! By then, you can download your virtual brain into a HD for posterity. And not only that! Your brain can then be defragmented, upgraded and even scanned for adware! I wonder if your brain file can be re-uploaded back to you. If this is feasible then this would be quite a situation to reckon with given factors like spam and viruses. Imagine yourself shutting down in a middle of a conversation or giving sporadic involuntary sexual advances to all your friends (Male, Female and four legged ones included) due to a Trojan named hit_me32. You have to have your friend programmed ready to bring you to a brain server station in order to reformat you and boot you up again. Come to think of it, this scenario is quite possible given that forecasts on advanced Sony Playstation prototypes boasts of a memory capacity equivalent to 5% of that of the average human brain and 65 human years is just a snap in tech years. Another thing to ponder about is brain piracy. It’s worse enough to see copies of your brain lying around Divisoria or Cubao but what if you bump into somebody who downloaded your brain? That would be quite a messy scenario given that you’ll be thinking and doing the same things over and over again. There’s nothing worse than being caught in an infinity loop with yourself. Next is consciousness. Given that a ghost print of the human memory capability is feasible by 2070, the next logical step is to create a working consciousness. Yup, that’s the first generation C3PO for you minus the shiny brass and stiffy hemorrhoidial walk. I can’t wait for the time to arrive where I can actually talk to a tree. I wonder what they have next in line. Mmmm….