Wednesday, July 1, 2009

There was once a bunch of Greek mind-pickers, who in a collective intellectual bliss suddenly announced that emotions do nothing but corrupt one’s mind. And under this premise, they went more as to declare that the only way to one’s perfection is to "flay" one’s self of all emotional filth. And I say why not? I think we need a little bit of stoicism in our lives today. With emotional religious zealots blowing-up people like piƱatas and nuthouses filling to the brim with emotional wrecks I guess it’s about time. "All knowledge, they said, enters the mind through the imperfect senses (ergo error filled)". The mind is a blank slate, upon which sense- impressions are inscribed. It may have a certain activity of its own, but this activity is confined exclusively to materials supplied by the physical organs of sense." Hey and how true is that! Have you ever watched Nell? Jodie Foster growing up alone ending up with her own funny talk and all. The mind is a blank slate alright. Ever found yourself bobbing up and down like a pogo during a concert? Now take a blank wall and spray it up with words that describe what you feel and what do we have? A freakin’ case of__________ ……vandalism! That’s right. Once you step back when you’re done with the job you’ll be surprised to see what you’ve got cooking inside that little bone box of yours. They may be messages from your dead dog or steam from your latest emotional encounter but one thing is for sure…they’re all erroneous

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