Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I scream but no one hears
In this place..crushed and auditorium of fear
A forgotten cemetery for the living soul
Decorated with pillars made from tears that they stole

I am the ghost that haunts these desolate fields
It is me who wanders and reads forgotten epitaphs of broken dreams
Scouring mausoleums for moments long time gone
Tapping on their walls for residual emotional yield

The sanctified and blessed they pay no attention to this voice
Condemnation taste like candy to their lips because other's lives are their toys
The fire and brimstone...the judgement of the throne  they teach
Drains you more of hope just like how blood is sucked by a leach  

Thus lost and weary will  my existence may be spent
Graves and headstones are my only friends
In a hollowed burial ground of dead wishing wells
I'll carry on the haunt until I am brought to the place I was ment

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I saw you beneath the moonlight’s brow
Bathed by the flowing night
You frolic at what is hidden

Fleeting movements that you designed
To cover and reel over
Dark claws raised to spite
Praying not to be discovered

Like a witness to a ghastly sacrifice
I cower…I flounder
As I move to peek from behind
A  desecration a great desolation