Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Titan's Garden

The skies in your eyes radiate like rubies
Your smile...secret as the first of morning rays
You walk with me in the garden so humble
Mere mortals under an everlasting gaze

You held my hand as the clouds turn lightning purple
As the crust under my feet become seared and hazed
As desolation horribly crept down like a spider
To wrap me in a shroud...my grave 

But we danced violently in a hurricane of stars
Our footprints merged in roads twisted and curled
As storms pass by...tired...I whine...I mumble
But you're with me still...I'm safe...I'm fine...I'm humbled

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Images lash out like the sea into a harbor
My hate diluted into a goblet of wine
As it poisons my unwilling resisting mind
To wallow…to be earthbound
Resentful to fate’s design

Treasures sacred yet like a temple set to be defiled
A tortured mythical beast set loose
These pictures so set to terrorize…wantonly…yet in  great strides
A passerby on the road
On a lonely trek to Apollo’s shrine