Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Pariah in a Leper's Eye

I am your monster
A big black spider crawling on your hand
A broken glass bottle sticking out in the sand
I am your fear
A body in your basement
A sinking ship...
...a panic look...a dying moment
I am your discomfort
A bad joke told on a rainy funeral day
A bad ill prepared play
I am your confusion
A vandalized street sign
A crooked path...a road to nowhere...a broken line
I am your nemesis
Your worse a dark shadow I loom
A herald of darkness..destroyer of hopes and dreams... object of doom
I am he who you burn
A pariah from your principles
A leper of logic..unable to discern
I am you who you stone
I am inside you shackled in your mind
Hidden, ignored sitting all alone

Friday, July 3, 2009


Will you follow me till the lights grow dim
Where sand become shards, when walls to the touch become grim

Would you still keep a smile when earth shakes free
Where serpents abound slither and gnaw with glee

Will you dance with me to music flawed
Beneath the dying sun shining on a dead summer sprawled

Will you walk with me on a haze covered street
Keeping cadence and stance with nail bled feet

Would you care see what vision escapes the eye
In a world far away where satellites dare not fly

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

There was once a bunch of Greek mind-pickers, who in a collective intellectual bliss suddenly announced that emotions do nothing but corrupt one’s mind. And under this premise, they went more as to declare that the only way to one’s perfection is to "flay" one’s self of all emotional filth. And I say why not? I think we need a little bit of stoicism in our lives today. With emotional religious zealots blowing-up people like piƱatas and nuthouses filling to the brim with emotional wrecks I guess it’s about time. "All knowledge, they said, enters the mind through the imperfect senses (ergo error filled)". The mind is a blank slate, upon which sense- impressions are inscribed. It may have a certain activity of its own, but this activity is confined exclusively to materials supplied by the physical organs of sense." Hey and how true is that! Have you ever watched Nell? Jodie Foster growing up alone ending up with her own funny talk and all. The mind is a blank slate alright. Ever found yourself bobbing up and down like a pogo during a concert? Now take a blank wall and spray it up with words that describe what you feel and what do we have? A freakin’ case of__________ ……vandalism! That’s right. Once you step back when you’re done with the job you’ll be surprised to see what you’ve got cooking inside that little bone box of yours. They may be messages from your dead dog or steam from your latest emotional encounter but one thing is for sure…they’re all erroneous


Ever ran into a "Shtick"? Nope its not another creative term for the warm sticky stuff your dog leaves on your lawn but it amazingly comes close in describing the same stuff you may encounter in malls and other shopping holes. "Shtick" is what your advertising and creative peeps use to describe the extreme "on-ground" marketing strategies they execute in a bid to get a share of your fleeting 21st century attention span. Yep they’re the little green hooded midgets giving out fliers promoting Mother Santa’s X-mas Sale or the 7-footer passing around invites to the Giant Bargain Extravaganza happening next week. Check out the "Pop-marketing" spin on that one! It’s interesting to take note that these attention begging stunts are also being used by political and religious forces as well. Take for example good Ol' Osama. He went a notch up my book for being the best advertising strategist after 9-11. He succeeded in creating the largest political billboard of all time! Who could ever miss two burning skyscrapers? Not to mention the advert freebies he got from CNN, BBC and Fox. He spun a movement that would surely outlast him and most remarkably tapped into the most basic and universal of all human instincts: fear. The only problem with that is that a typical advertising campaign usually includes different levels within its lifespan like a launch mode, a maintenance mode and a re-launch to name a few. These levels of advertising bursts are designed to make sure that the message sticks to your head big-time. I guess that with the WTC launch and the Bali/Madrid/London maintenance over, it would be logical to expect a re-launch soon. So stick to CNN guys and watch out for the next big OBL Shtick.