Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Pariah in a Leper's Eye

I am your monster
A big black spider crawling on your hand
A broken glass bottle sticking out in the sand
I am your fear
A body in your basement
A sinking ship...
...a panic look...a dying moment
I am your discomfort
A bad joke told on a rainy funeral day
A bad ill prepared play
I am your confusion
A vandalized street sign
A crooked path...a road to nowhere...a broken line
I am your nemesis
Your worse a dark shadow I loom
A herald of darkness..destroyer of hopes and dreams... object of doom
I am he who you burn
A pariah from your principles
A leper of logic..unable to discern
I am you who you stone
I am inside you shackled in your mind
Hidden, ignored sitting all alone

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