Friday, May 27, 2011


How painful is the silence that breaks this creation in shards
Passion so brutally pieced and torn apart
A muted scream like Eloisa's anguish for Abelard

O Eternal grief humbly concealed in disdain
Should a tortured soul beg for mercy or a sword
A exact clemency from the stinging pain

Is this sacrifice? This bitter brew of love, hate and despair he regularly partakes?
Melded by his own miserecorde in life's searing goblet
As time like a gentle executioner smiles for fleeting pleasure's sake

Like a knight's silent ransom to save a fled maiden from cruel judges that reign
A misconstrued servant's last stand to save what he holds most endearing and true
From a voyage that holds the promise of more unjust pain.
Should this banneret refrain?

Thus in a deathly silence in this cold tomb he sleeps
In dreams he lives and in life he bleeds