Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Go Get a Brain

In 2070 it will be possible to download your brain into a flash card according to CNN. Apparently, scientists are currently working on a super computer that will be able to store your memory. Yup that’s right your memory good and bad the whole shitty shinola included! From prom night down to your adult diaper days! By then, you can download your virtual brain into a HD for posterity. And not only that! Your brain can then be defragmented, upgraded and even scanned for adware! I wonder if your brain file can be re-uploaded back to you. If this is feasible then this would be quite a situation to reckon with given factors like spam and viruses. Imagine yourself shutting down in a middle of a conversation or giving sporadic involuntary sexual advances to all your friends (Male, Female and four legged ones included) due to a Trojan named hit_me32. You have to have your friend programmed ready to bring you to a brain server station in order to reformat you and boot you up again. Come to think of it, this scenario is quite possible given that forecasts on advanced Sony Playstation prototypes boasts of a memory capacity equivalent to 5% of that of the average human brain and 65 human years is just a snap in tech years. Another thing to ponder about is brain piracy. It’s worse enough to see copies of your brain lying around Divisoria or Cubao but what if you bump into somebody who downloaded your brain? That would be quite a messy scenario given that you’ll be thinking and doing the same things over and over again. There’s nothing worse than being caught in an infinity loop with yourself. Next is consciousness. Given that a ghost print of the human memory capability is feasible by 2070, the next logical step is to create a working consciousness. Yup, that’s the first generation C3PO for you minus the shiny brass and stiffy hemorrhoidial walk. I can’t wait for the time to arrive where I can actually talk to a tree. I wonder what they have next in line. Mmmm….

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  1. Oddly enough, this reminds me of the film Final Cut . Check out the synopsis here.