Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I may be lost around you these days

Inside your mystic labyrinth if I may

Shivering cold tired and demented

When thoughts of you fall down on me like God’s sunshine

A deadly dance from present to past

A frightening painful ritual I must last

Like an ancient magic time surely must have had killed

That fate made stronger just to spite the power it wields

But I’m alright, though just a little bit deranged

Bumping into walls of you

Scattered into a million pieces of me

Going into a state I can’t control…I can’t escape

It’s no use; I’m like a blotted sheet of music out in the rain

Left unfinished thrown out without a refrain

But let this madness roll and rage

Because you still have me

Enough to turn on the unceasing rain

So let it pour down and drown me

If this is the only way to keep a little of you
Just a little of you with me

To keep me sane

If I can’t be saved

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