Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Naked in this world I came
Abandoned in this land in flames
Beseeching the caress of liberating rain
Bequeathed with love drenched in pain

Run lost and wild
Flee child of anger
Away from this golden mire
Your love laid waste in embers
Your love's like a forest fire

How long will you drink from this poisoned well
How long will this dying river swell
Will this night go on forever
When will you lay down your scepter

Rage shine down from a sickle moon
Love lies lost...slain too soon
Speak and no one answers
So run like you don't remember

1 comment:

  1. dear wilde,

    i had a poem with the same title. but i like how you describe love such like this; "Rage shine down from a sickle moon
    Love lies lost...slain too soon". this line anchors the poem together. simply a new way to see it that context. great write!